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Cindy Crandell, R.N., C.N.

Functional Medicine Nutritionist/Lifestyle Educator

Welcome to Nuview Nutrition™ LLC – Smart Ways to Live Well

Nuview Nutrition provides nutritional consulting and other services for patients seeking overall wellness, including those with chronic illnesses. Comprised of a team of nutrition professionals, Nuview Nutrition dedicates itself to providing a customized nutrition plan to enhance the body and mind. Owner and nutritionist Cindy Crandell R.N. uses customized nutrition plans to provide chronic pain relief and inflammation reduction. Specializing in reversing and delaying chronic illness, Nuview Nutrition’s team of experts helps patients find relief from their health issues.

Treatments by Nuview Nutrition are individualized and provide nutritional education, chronic disease management, and lifestyle modification. Additional services include functional nutrition therapy and alternative lifestyle options. Nuview Nutrition creates cost-effective and convenient programs that can easily fit within your everyday lifestyle.

Nuview Nutrition strives to promote healthy lifestyles by reaching out to individuals, families, and communities with a focus on making healthier choices with nutrition and their approach to life. For patient convenience, Nuview Nutrition has two offices located in Clarkston, Michigan. Contact us for more information or to set up a consultation.

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Office Hours

Monday Clarkston 11am – 6pm
Tuesday Clarkston 10am – 6pm
Wednesday Clarkston 11am – 6pm
Thursday Clarkston 10am- 6pm
Friday Clarkston 11am – 5pm
Saturday Clarkston 10am – 4pm 2x/month

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